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Diabetes Cook-Off Contest Recipes

November 2016


The Diabetes Cook-Off Contest is an opportunity for ordinary cooks to compete and share their best diabetes-friendly, healthy recipe — demonstrating that healthy, diabetes-friendly food can be delicious, affordable, and enjoyed by the entire family. Recipes in four categories, side dish, entrée, dessert, and snack, are judged for a grand prize of $1,000 cash and many other great prizes!

Every month we will showcase a recipe from one of our Diabetes Cook-Off Contest semi-finalists. Make sure to check back regularly for a new, healthy, delicious, diabetes-friendly recipes your family and friends will love!


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Past Recipes

December 2015 – Lemon Squares

January 2016 – Hurry Curry Chicken Salad

February 2016 – Mayo-Mustard Tilapia

March 2016 – T-Ball’s Colorful Cabbage

April 2016 – Lorrie’s Downhome Peach Cobbler

May 2016 – Sue’s Turkey Burger Delight

June 2016 – Chocolate Covered Strawberries

July 2016 – Jason’s Kickin’ Chicken Wraps

August 2016 – Some’un-Some’un to Eat

September 2016 – Vegan Lasagna

October 2016 – V-K-Spacch

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