Best THC Detox Pills to Pass a Drug Test

Published on: 28.12.2022

Updated: 05.05.2023

The intake of marijuana, weed, and other cannabis products is gradually skyrocketing. These plants and products contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other chemicals. While some users of THC need it for medical treatment, some solely use it for recreational purposes.

However, there can be reasons to detoxify your system from all traces of THC. This can be to retain your current job or as a recruitment process from some companies or organizations. Such checks involve testing the sample of your saliva, urine, hair, and blood to reveal THC content and other toxins in your system. Hence, you will need the best detox pills to pass urine drug test.

So, as a THC user, if you’ve been asking what pills can clean your system from weed, we’ve got you covered. This article reviews the best cleansing pills 2022 for detoxification. Also, you will learn how to use the detox pills from their instructions to remove THC and other toxins from your body.

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How Long Does Weed Stay in Your Urine?


Weed and other cannabis products can be detected from your body samples, such as urine, even with a single use. According to Healthline, THC content is detectable within 1 to 30 days after the last use of the weed.

Additionally, the accumulation of THC in different body parts varies. The detectable time in some body fluids like saliva, urine, and blood can drop within a month after the last use. For daily users of cannabis, the chemical can last for several months in hair.

However, the length of its stay on your body will depend on the frequency of use and the dosage. The greater the dosage and frequency of use, the longer the detectable period of weed or THC in your system.

Other factors can influence how long weed stays in your body. These include the cannabis’s potency, the route of the user’s administration, the metabolic rate of the body, and body mass index (BMI).

Drug testing measures THC and toxins or metabolites in the body.

Urine Testing


Urine testing is the commonest method used for drug testing. The detection time is given below:

Frequency of UseDetectable Time
Single-useThree days
Moderate use (Up to 4 times per week)5 – 7 days
Chronic use (Daily)10 – 15 days
Chronic heavy use (multiple times per day)Over 30 days

Why And When Do You To Detox Your Body From THC?


The metabolites of cannabis contained in weed are fat-soluble. Hence, they usually bind with the fat molecules in the user’s body and would not quickly leave the system. For those with more fat molecules in their body, the binding of cannabis metabolites in the system is stronger.

There are several reasons people detox their systems from THC. A major reason is getting a new job or retaining your current one. Also, using marijuana cleanse pills saves you from prison when involved in legal issues with drug tests.

Drug testing on employees and applicants has become a routine in most companies and organizations. This helps the company select and retain staff they can trust to be mentally and emotionally stable.

Hence, if you’re using cannabis, it’s important to flush out THC from your system to pass drug tests. You can use the natural method to flush out cannabis by drinking many fluids. Alternatively, you can use pills that flush weed out of your system.

How Do Detoxification And Detox Remedies Work?


Detoxification is one of the key functions of the liver. It flushes out toxins and chemicals from the body by passing the waste through the excretory system. The toxins will pass out with your urine or feces. Detox products help to strengthen mostly the liver and improve its operations in the body.

There are lots of detox pills for THC available in the market. Many people can be quite confused about what to do. It’s important to use trusted detox cleanse pills for weed to ensure complete detoxification.

Detox remedies allow consumers of cannabis to get favorable results from drug tests. The detox products help remove traces of THC or another toxin from your body samples, such as hair, saliva, blood, and urine.

However, the quantity of cannabis you consume, your Body Mass Index, and your metabolic rate determine cannabis metabolites in your system. Also, they will affect the detoxification process in your body.

Some detox pills will leave creatinine as residues in your kidneys during the cleansing process. A larger accumulation of creatinine will make your sample not meet the standards for drug use.

Sometimes, the test can be rescheduled to a later date, leaving you more time for complete detoxification. This makes detox products among the best flush pills to pass a drug test.

Ingredients in detox products


The formulation and manufacture of detox pills include some active and safe natural herbs as ingredients. Such herbal ingredients flush out THC and other toxins quickly from your system. Also, they contain some natural components that enhance the functioning of some of the body’s organs.

Here are some natural herbs used to formulate most detox pill kits.

Rhubarb Root


Rhubarb root has anti-inflammatory properties and can effectively fight infections. It is one of the prominent natural herbs used in Chinese medicine. It cleanses the liver deeply from all traces of THC and toxins.

Burdock Root


This root is famous for containing urinary-enhancing properties. It detoxifies the urine, blood, saliva, and even hair from traces of THC and other toxins. Also, it enhances sweating as a means of regulating the chemical components of the body.

Dandelion Root


Dandelion root contains some active substances that produce healing effects. It flushes the kidneys and liver effectively. Also, it helps the urinary system due to some diuretic properties in the root.



Goldenseal is one of the most important ingredients that ensure deep detoxification, especially for users with bigger BMI. The ingredient flushes the liver and digestive system. Goldenseal removes all traces of toxins that can hide in the digestive tract to later flow into the urinary tract or bloodstream.

Best And Popular Detox Pills


Have you been asking what are the best detox pills for weed? Are you afraid of losing your job due to traces of THC in your body? You should stop to worry as we’ve prepared a review of the top THC detox pills 2022.

Here the some of the best detox pill kits for you.

Toxin Rid


Toxin Rid is one of the best detox pills for drug test. Besides aiding you to pass drug tests, the detox kit will cleanse your entire body system from all traces of toxins and chemicals.

Cannabis toxins or THC are persistent in the body and can be difficult to eliminate with an ordinary detox pill. This is because cannabis metabolites bind with the fat molecules in your body. But Toxin Rid deeply cleanses the fat cells and removes all traces of stubborn THC and cannabis toxins.

It’s advisable not to purchase Toxin Rid from open marketplace websites to avoid getting fake products. The best place to buy the Toxin Rid detox kit is from Test Clear at $189.95 for a complete 10-day course length.

Toxin Rid course Lengths


Toxin Rid detox pill has different course lengths for users in its detoxification process. The course lengths range from a single day to 10 days. Except for cases of emergencies for THC detox, users should go for a 5-day detox course or above using the product.

Moderate smokers can opt for the 7-day detox course. However, daily smokers would stick with the ten days course to ensure complete cleansing of the system from THC.

How to Use Toxin Rid?


There’s no need to panic, as Toxin Rid instructions are quite easy and simple to follow. Remember, you must stop taking cannabis products while undertaking your cleansing program.

Below are the steps on how to use Toxin Rid:

  •       From the first day, take three pills of Toxin Rid first thing in the morning.
  •       Repeat the dosage after every five hours 4 more times. This brings the total number of pills you must take to 15 pills on the starting day.
  •       Ensure you take at least 8 ounces of water with each dosage of the pills.
  •       Maintain a healthy and nutritional diet during the day while drinking lots of water as well. Also, include more vitamins and fiber foods while you cut down on fatty and greasy foods.
  •       Keep urinating and passing out feces as much as possible during the day. This will facilitate the removal of toxins from your system.
  •       Continue the process for the next nine days.
  •       Day 10 is quite crucial as you round off the detox program. Mix the detox liquid with filtered water or orange juice two hours after taking your last detox pills. You will not eat any food, but take half the mixture for over 15 minutes.
  •       Then finish the remaining part after 2 hours.
  •       You will also wait for extra 2 hours before eating or drinking anything.
  •       You will take the dietary fiber on the day of the drug test. Firstly, mix the fiber package with 8 ounces of filtered water and drink the mixture quickly.
  •       Then wait for 20 minutes to drink 16 ounces of water.
  •       Ensure to urinate two times privately before submitting your sample for the drug test.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates


ManufacturerTest Clear
AddressP.O 2011 Redmond,

WA 98073-2011 USA

Phone Number1-877-TOXIN-74
Customer Support Contact
CertificatesCertified Vegan, Gluten Free



  •       The detox kit comes in three parts; the pre-rid pills, liquid detox, and dietary fiber.
  •       Speedily effective from just one hour after consumption
  •       Made especially for heavy users of cannabis and other drugs
  •       It has a 100% guarantee for payback.



  •       Toxin Rid is very expensive in comparison with other detox pills.
  •       In most cases, users of the pills would have diarrhea.

Customer Reviews


Here are some customers’ reviews for Toxin Rid

Positive Reviews

This user confirms that Toxin Rid provided his desired result on a drug test.

Toxin Rid Positive Review


Negative Review

Toxin Rid Negative Review

This user felt he had wasted his money as he failed his drug test after using Toxin Rid detox pills for a 10-day course length.

Nutra Cleanse Fail Safe Kit


Many people are confused by the two products from the manufacturers of Nutra Cleanse. The first is a five-day detox kit that will take up to five days to thoroughly cleanse all traces of toxins from the body.

The second offers a six-hour clean outcome and is known as the Fail Safe Kit. According to the cleansing effect of this latter product, you should remain clean for just 6 hours after taking the product.

The detox pills would remove toxins from your urinary tract within the time frame to keep your urine free. Also, the product claims to take 60 minutes to remove THC and other toxins from your body, especially the urine.

Hence, the Nutra Cleanse Fail Safe kit acts as a masking agent. It allows you to pass a drug test within the given period. However, toxins will reappear on your body sample after 6 hours.

According to the information on the product website, the price of the Nutra Cleanse Fail Safe kit is $89.95 per kit. Also, there’s free shipping for all US orders.

How to Use Nutra Cleanse Fail Safe Kit?


Here are the Nutra Cleans Fail Safe kit instructions to follow within 60 minutes of its use.

  •       The kit contains a liquid cleansing shot that you should drink 90 minutes before your drug test.
  •       After 5 minutes of drinking the shot, take the first four pills with 12 ounces of water.
  •       Repeat the dosage with 12 ounces of water every 10 minutes for the next 30 minutes. This means that you would take 16 pills using 48 ounces of water by the end of the period.
  •       Urinate frequently during the time frame at least four times within one hour of taking all the pills. This will help to flush out all the toxins in your kidney and ensure you pass your urine drug test.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates


ManufacturerPass Your Test
Address10115 E.Bell Rd 85260 Unit

143 Scottsdale AZ, 85260

Phone Number1-877-247-1354
Customer Support Contact



  •       The detox kit claims to work from 90 minutes after taking the pills
  •       Suitable for users with extreme exposure to toxins
  •       Creates quick solutions for emergency drug testing
  •       Offers a 100% guarantee of money back



  •       The cleansing window lasts for 6 hours, and users can test positive in cases of delays.
  •       There have been complaints of diarrhea from users.

Customer Reviews


Here are some customers’ reviews for Nutra Cleansing Fail Safe Kit.

Positive Reviews

Nutra Cleanse Positive Review

This user reported passing his test with the kit while strictly following the instructions.

Fail Safe Kit Positive Reddit Review

This is another user that passed a drug test using the Fail Safe kit.

Negative Review

Nutra Cleanse Negative Review

This user is displeased with the result of using the detox kit.

Stat Flush 5 Capsules


Stat Flush is one of the popular detox capsules that flush out metabolites of weed and other cannabis products. The capsules produce the desired result faster than most detox pills. Also, they are quite simple to use without complications in the dosage.

The detox pill has just a single dose that aids users in passing drug tests seamlessly. Since its production in 1995, Stat Flush has shown impressive delivery in detoxification.

Moreover, the capsules are suitable options for a drug test with less preparation time. While other detox products require a few days to work, Stat Flush comes with a different time frame. It takes just some hours to flush out toxins from your system. So, it provides a clear urine sample a few hours before your drug test.

The manufacturers of Stat Flush used natural herbs for their formulation. It contains the right vitamins and minerals that help to cleanse the liver, kidney, and other body organs and systems. This makes the pills good for all types of users, including vegans.

Stat Flush contains just only five detox capsules for the detoxification process. Usually, metabolites from drugs are stored in fat cells. The detox capsules aid in breaking down the fatty cells and eliminate the metabolites from the body.

The price of the Stat Flush 5 Capsules kit is $29.99. Also, you can get detox combos with the product to enjoy some discounts. The cost of 2 Stat Flush is $59.99.

Stat Flush 5 Capsules Ingredients


Here are some of the natural herbal ingredients used in the manufacture of Stat Flush.

  •       Barberry root
  •       Dandelion root
  •       Grape skin
  •       Cinnamon bark
  •       Gentian root
  •       Uva Ursi leaf
  •       Panax ginseng
  •       Creatinine Monohydrate
  •       Turmeric root
  •       Milk thistle seed

How to Use Stat Flush 5 Capsules?


Stat Flush is one of the simplest and easiest detox pills to use. The Stat Flush kit contains just five capsules.

Here are the steps to using Stat Flush.

  •       Quit using weed and other forms of drugs once you’re to take a drug test.
  •       Take the five capsules of the detox kit one at a time with 32 to 40 ounces of water. Ensure you give a little break after each capsule.
  •       You must take all capsules within 10 minutes.
  •       Don’t take excess or little water, but stick with the correct quantity to get an effective result. Excess fluid can dilute the capsules and affect their flushing ability and your test result.
  •       Urinate between 2 to 3 times before your drug test. This will ensure that you flush out all the toxins and drug residues from your system and will pass your test.
  •       Proceed for your drug test one hour after taking the capsules. Stat Flush effectively gives you a negative drug test for 4 hours. But don’t prolong the time for the test to avoid getting a positive result.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates


ManufacturerProActive Nutra
Address720 South Smith Rd, Tempe,

Arizona 85281, United States

Phone Number+1 844-839-4232
Customer Support Contact[email protected]



  •       The detox product comes with simple instructions to follow and use
  •       It is formulated with natural ingredients
  •       Offers a single-dose and one-day detox product that helps users to pass drug tests



  •       The product has some doubts due to its fast results
  •       It provides a short window result that lasts for a few hours.

Customer Reviews


Below are some customers’ reviews for Stat Flush 5 Capsules.

Positive Reviews

Stat Flush Positive Review

This user is pleased with the detox pills and recommends them to other drug users.

Stat Flush Positive Review

This user confirms the product works with strict compliance with instructions.

Negative Review

Stat Flush Negative Review

This user is sad about this detox product’s short window opportunity.

Questions & Answers


Does detox tea work for cannabis?


Detox tea is one of the products that help to flush out cannabis metabolites from the body. It cleanses the body from traces of THC and drug toxins and ensures that users pass their drug tests. The detox product works by enhancing the functions of the liver, kidneys, and other relevant organs in the body.

Will detox pills help you pass a drug test?


Detox pills are reputable as the quickest solutions that aid cannabis users to pass drug tests. They improve the operations of the liver and kidneys and help to flush out THC and toxins from the system, keeping your body free from traces of the toxins.

How fast is the effect of detox pills?


The speed of effect of detox pills depends on the brand of the detox product and the detoxification program they offer. While some detox pills work within one hour after taking them, some are effective after 5 to 10 days of course lengths.

Do detox pills work for weed?


Detox pills flush out residues from weed, such as marijuana and others. They break out the metabolites stored in fat cells and help the liver and kidneys to cleanse the body of all traces of toxins.

Can detox pills be detected?


Most simple drug tests focus on detecting traces of THC and toxins in the body and don’t detect detox pills. The pills are formulated with natural ingredients that supply the body with vitamins and minerals. Hence, they help to coat your urine to appear unadulterated.

What to do if your test is tomorrow: Synthetic Urine


It can be quite frightening for a cannabis user to face a sudden drug test. There’s no way you can complete detoxification of all traces of THC and toxins from your body in 24 hours.

Synthetic urine is your handy solution for passing quick and impromptu drug tests. The urine can be either in powdered or liquid form. It contains some chemicals such as uric acid, creatinine, and yellow coloration, making it look real.

Here are some users’ reviews:

  •       This user confirms that synthetic urine works.
  •       This user is happy with the fake pee and the included temperature strip.

Powdered Urine


Powdered urine is a form of synthetic urine that comes in the powdered form. The urine provides users of cannabis products the opportunity to pass a drug test, especially for unsupervised tests. Before using the fake pee, mix the powdered urine with the recommended water.

The urine is like real human urine in appearance, smell, and chemical composition. You should only mix the powdered urine on your drug test day. The mixture can spoil after a few days of its mixing. The powdered form has a longer shelf life when left unmixed.

Mixing the urine with the correct quantity of water is important to get the best result. Going otherwise means that you will fail the drug test.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine


Quick Fix synthetic urine provides cannabis users a means to pass drug tests when the notice is very short. The synthetic urine looks almost like real human urine, which will mask being detected as fake pee.

The synthetic urine contains the following:

  •       Uric acid
  •       Creatinine
  •       Urea
  •       Vitamins
  •       Yellow coloration

The urine kit also contains a plastic container with a top filled with pre-mixed urine. It has a heating pad for heating the pee and a temperature strip.

How to use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine


  •       Ensure you purchase the urine kit from the official website of the manufacturer.
  •       Lift the cap of the plastic bottle containing the urine.
  •       Use the pad to heat the pee to the right urine temperature, which is between 95oF to 100oF. This is essential to ensure that you pass the drug test.
  •       Shake the urine bottle vigorously to ensure proper mixing of the components.
  •       Then use the temperature strip on the bottle to maintain the temperature before the test.

Tips to Pass a Urine Drug Test


You must exercise great caution when scheduled for a urine drug test. Here are some tips to help you pass the test.

  •       Find out if the drug test is strictly supervised or not: When the test is supervised, you must quit using cannabis products immediately. This will help stop more THC accumulation in your body fat cells and enhance your detoxification process.
  •       Estimate the quantity of cannabis in your body: You can estimate based on your weed consumption and frequency of use.
  •       Select the suitable detox product to cleanse your system: Different detox brands exist. You should research the right detox product to flush out drug metabolites from your system.
  •       Short window with synthetic urine: If the time for a drug test is too short, you can opt to use synthetic urine.