Stinger Detox The Buzz 5X Review

We understand you’re curious, and this Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x review will explain everything. People are buzzing about the king of the Stinger Detox range, and it’s important we unravel all about it.

This extra-strong cleanser rids your system of toxins within an hour. The Stinger Detox 5x contains FIVE TIMES the potency of standard detox products. This makes it more powerful than you can imagine, cleansing your system inside and out. The effect could only be compared with famous Toxin Rid pills.

Heavy cannabis users love this fast cleanser because they can detox faster and squeeze all the toxins out before you say, Jack Robinson. If you got an upcoming drug test in a few days and your future depends on the outcome of that test, then you should read this review.

Even though detox can be gradual – there’s not just enough time to get cleaned out before a test. Haven’t you noticed that the drug test scheduled at the office always shows up without prior warning? It would help if you protect yourself and do it fast. This article will clarify, how to use Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x to pass a drug test.


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  • 100% money-back guarantee
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Aren’t you missing out on all the fun – and cleansing afterward? Perhaps you doubt if the Stinger Detox 5x works as they claim. Does the Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x really work? Why should you choose the Stinger Detox 5x to pass a urine drug test? That’s what this review will help you find out.

Overall Description

Brand Stinger Detox
Vitamin & Supplement Type Dietary Supplements
Specific Use Detox
Food Form Liquid
Weight 11 Ounces
Unit Count 8.00 Fl Oz
Age Range Adult


Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x comes from a range of Stinger cleansing drinks designed to eliminate toxins from the system super-fast. Although the ingredients within this formulation are almost similar to other detox drinks on the market, it is concentrated five times more than any other detox drink.

This detox drink is a handy solution for anyone who is heavily exposed to drugs and needs a quick cleanse. After taking the Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x as directed, it’s almost impossible for the drug test result to read positive. But to make sure, use it with Toxin Rid pills.

Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x for THC detox is a deep cleanser with a promising solution that works in less than 24 hours. You’re good to go if you keep the 48-hour abstinence before using the Stinger detox. This all-natural detox drink is sweetened and available in various flavors, including Grape and Peach Lemonade. This instant 5x detox drink tastes more concentrated than most other detox drinks, and you may want to gear up for the strong taste.

Apart from the Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x, here are other powerful detox solutions in the Stinger range:

  •     Stinger Whole Body One-hour Cleaner
  •     Stinger Instant detox Regular Strength
  •     Stinger Instant Detox 5x Strength
  •     Stinger 7-Day Permanent Detox Liquid
  •     Stinger Buzz 5x Extra Strength Liquid


The Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x is designed as a dietary supplement with the strongest natural ingredients to flush toxins out of your body. There are no herbs or additives in this formula, and it’s designed to be natural. Here are some of the major vitamins and amino acids in the Stinger detox drink:

  •     600mg proprietary blend
  •     Taurine
  •     MSM
  •     D-Ribose
  •     Lysine
  •     Niacin

How Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x Detox Works

This 8 Fl Oz bottle of detox liquid works by speeding up how your body removes toxins from its fluids. It’s best for those who want to deliver a urine sample to get tested for drugs in a few hours and need a quick weed detox formula.

Start by taking a break from weed, pot, or marijuana for at least two days before you use the Stinger Detox 5x. That way, you get your body in the best condition for detox. You drink the entire bottle contents and fill it with water four times, drinking up all the water each time. You should have drunk up to 40 Fl Oz of fluid within a few minutes. That’s enough to get Stinger Detox. The Buzz 5x started removing toxins from your system.

Many user reviews confirm that this product works when you use it as instructed and is best for weed smokers. Heavy users should take two bottles of Stinger Detox 5x before taking a drug test. Also, if you have a large BMI, it’d be safer to use two bottles of detox liquid.

Drinking that amount of liquid will help you pee more – so don’t resist because that’s how the toxins get out. South Side Diabetes doesn’t recommend drinking too much water; your urine can become too diluted, or you could suffer from water intoxication.

How long does it last? Stinger Detox 5x keeps your system cleansed for up to 5 hours after use. Although it’s best to submit your sample within 60-90 minutes after use, you’ll remain clean for the next few hours.

What the Stinger Detox 5x is not? The Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x is not a masking agent or adulterant to help alter your drug test results. Rather, it helps you pass the drug test by accelerating the natural cleansing procedure so you can provide clean urine samples.

How to Use the Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x

Follow these instructions to learn how to use the Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x:

  1. Avoid all drug toxins for at least 48 hours before use.
  2. Drink all the contents of the 8 Fl Oz. Bottle 90 minutes before you submit your sample.
  3. Refill the bottle four times with water, and drink all of it each time. That should be a total of 2 ounces of water.
  4. Urinate frequently after you’ve taken it. (Avoid milk or any dairy products after you’ve taken it.
  5.  It’s also important to eat healthily and drink enough water while you detox to enhance the process.
  6. Take the urine drug test. You should remain clean for up to five hours.

Terms of Product Use

  1. Ensure that you use the product according to the directions given.
  2.  Stinger detox products are not for pregnant or nursing mothers
  3. Not to be used by someone under 18, except prescribed by a physician.
  4. Be careful not to drink excess water to prevent water intoxication
  5. If you notice side effects like headache, dizziness, or tingling sensations, discontinue use immediately and consult your physician.
  6. Not for anyone with liver problems, thyroid, or heart disease.

Now that we know how it works let’s find out where to buy Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates

Stinger is one of the foremost weed detox producers and has been manufacturing detox products since 1993. They rolled out the Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x in 2011, and it has been solving detox problems ever since.

The office is at 2910 North 19th Avenue, Building 1, Suite 24, Phoenix, Arizona 85085. This company doesn’t offer a walk-in service inquiry for potential customers. For all inquiries, you can contact them on their telephone at (866) 961 – 8378. You can also visit their website and drop any questions about their detox products.

Stinger detox products are formulated in a state-of-the-art laboratory with FDA accredits. The products are manufactured to match FDA guidelines.

Where to Buy Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x Near Me

You can buy the Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x on or from online stores like Amazon, Walmart, or GNC. The manufacturers of this detox drink offer fast and discreet shipping, a 10-day return policy, and customer support.


Toxin Rid

  • Three-part detoxification system with pre-rid tablets, liquid detox, and dietary fiber
  • Specifically designed for people with HEAVY toxin exposure
  • Starts working as fast as one hour
  • Rids your blood, urine, and saliva of unwanted drug toxins
  • 100% money-back guarantee
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Mega Clean + PreCleanse Pills

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What additional products would be useful to buy with it?

With the Stinger Detox 5x alone, you can pass your drug test. But if you’re up for more reliable results, you may want to combine this detox remedy with other complementary solutions like Detoxify Mega Clean. For instance, the Stinger Detox Mouthwash will help you beat your saliva drug test. Also, you can compound its use with pills, to pass saliva test. You’ll use the Stinger Detox Foil-Kleen Hair Shampoo to prepare yourself to beat a hair follicles drug test.

Want to know more? Let’s discuss more products that can help you beat whatever drug test you’re about to take.

Stinger Detox Whole Body Cleanser 1 Hour Extra

This is the most popularly-used of all Stinger products. What makes it stand out from the rest is how it effectively wipes out toxins within a very short time. For this detox drink to work well, you must stay away from weed, hash, cannabis, and all forms of drugs they’ll be looking for in a drug test.

Use this detox cleanser 60-90 minutes before taking your test. You can start by drinking lots of water before taking the drink. One bottle should be sufficient, except for those who weigh above 220 pounds. Note that this product contains natural vitamins, so you should wait for two days after use before eating any vegetables.

Stinger 5x 7-Day Extra Strength Permatox Liquid

This is a powerful solution for anyone with seven days to detox before showing up for a test. SouthSide Diabetes suggests taking one tablespoon in the morning after breakfast and another tablespoon of liquid before bed. When using this detox liquid, follow the instructions on the detox leaflet within the package.

It’s also important to avoid milk and all dairy products while using this product. You also need to maintain a healthy diet while detoxing with this liquid.

Stinger Instant Detox 5x Extra Strength

This detox drink may be the last option to save your skin from the results of a drug test a few hours away. This natural detox formula has been fortified with ingredients that help flush out toxins so you can pass the drug test using your urine. You can use 120 minutes before your test so that you have enough time to pee before you take a urine sample.

It also contains natural flavors to make the taste bearable. As always, avoid milk and dairy products for optimal results. Eating healthily and drinking lots of water as you detox before your drug test is vital. You can suffer hyperhydration if you drink more water than your body needs.

Pros and Cons of Stinger The Buzz 5x detox

Here are some remarkable features that make Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x what you’re looking for. There is enough benefit with this bottle of detox goodness, but we also found some downsides to this detox solution.

Pros of the Stinger the Buzz 5x detox

  •     Easy to use
  •     Relatively inexpensive
  •     Works effectively for tobacco smokers
  •     Variety of flavors
  •     10-day return policy
  •     Portable 8 Fl Oz. bottle
  •     1-hour detox formula

Cons of the Stinger the Buzz 5x detox

  •     Requires 48-hour toxin-free before use.
  •     The effect lasts no longer than 5 hours.
  •     Risk of water intoxication

Compared to other detox drinks, the Toxin Rid or Mega Cleanse Drink are better competitors than Stinger Detox 5x. Detoxification takes time to complete; however, what makes Stinger more promising is how quickly it can cleanse your than other detox drinks can.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stinger The Buzz 5x detox

Does Stinger The Buzz 5x Detox work for alcohol?

It can detox alcohol toxins by getting them out of your body before you take a drug screen. Stinger The Buzz Detox will eliminate all forms of THC content within your body.

Does Stinger The Buzz 5x Detox work for opiates?

Like the case of alcohol, Stinger Detox 5x flushes opiate toxins out of your system, leaving you THC-free.

How does Stinger Detox 5x clean out toxins from the system?

Stinger Detox operates at the cellular level, the major point where toxic wastes are removed from the body. Because Stinger Detox 5x includes herbal solutions, it makes the detox formula more bio-receptive.

Are there herbs in Stinger Detox 5x?

There are no herbs in the Stinger detox drinks. It’s wholly natural vitamins and amino acids, so you can be sure of what you take into your body.

I weigh more than 230 pounds. Will the Stinger Detox still work for me?

The Stinger Detox will work for you, but you’ll need more than one bottle of the 5x formula. You can also include the Stinger SuperMAXX Accelerator Caplets for better efficiency.

Can Stinger The Buzz 5x detox be detected?

The ingredients used to prepare all Stinger products are legal and safe for consumption. Drug tests check for illegal or prohibited substances. You will pass the drug test if you follow the Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x instructions because it will clean your urine of any illegal substances. It won’t interfere or tamper with the test but keeps you clean from weed or drugs.

How long will I stay clean?

After taking the Stinger Detox 5x, you’ll stay clean for up to 5 hours, enough for you to beat a test. But the best detox time is 60-90 minutes after taking the detox drink. Between this time, you’re mostly clean; afterwards, toxins can creep back into your system from fat cells.

What if I’ve been exposed to drug toxins in the last 48 hours?

Suppose you’ve had drugs in the last 48 hours. In that case, we recommend the Stinger 1-Hour Detox drink or use the Buzz 5x alongside the Stinger SuperMAXX Accelerator Caplets.

Is the Stinger Detox legal for use?

Stinger Detox 5x is legal because it’s not designed to mask or tamper with drug test results. It’s a dietary supplement that offers a natural detox formula to remove toxins from your body fluids.

Can I use the Stinger Detox 5x often?

Of course, you can use the Stinger Detox 5x as often as you need to.

Customer Reviews

You’ll find customer reviews on almost any website that sells Stinger Detox 5x. Gratefully, Amazon provides a healthy mix of positive and negative reviews from those who used the product to pass a drug test. Let’s look at some of the reviews.


Customers from Amazon say this after using Stinger Detox 5x.

Here’s another that sounds like a warning.

There are also positive Reviews on Reddit.

And another…


Finding the best detox solution for cleaning your system out fast can be quite challenging, especially when your test is in a few days – or even a few hours away. Frankly, there’s no natural detox formula (including Stinger Detox 5x) that doesn’t begin with abstinence. You can start by avoiding all kinds of drugs a few days before detoxing.

As long as you follow the instructions carefully, Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x will help you beat that urine drug test you’ve got in a few hours. Heavy users are advised to use two bottles of Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x to create the optimum effect. Drink the entire bottle about 90 minutes before desired time, refill with water and repeat four times. Just be careful not to drink lots of water and make your urine diluted and suspicious.

The Stinger Detox 5x proves its worth by 5x more concentration than other detox drinks. You can start getting results for yourself when you order one. It’s not just your regular detox drink but your fastest natural solution to eliminate drug toxins.


  • Monica Peek, MD, MPH, MSc is an Associate Professor in the Division of General Internal Medicine at the University of Chicago where she provides clinical care, teaches, and does health services research in the area of health disparities.