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Our friends at Finding Answers: Disparities Research For Change are hosting monthly twitter chats in collaboration with health organizations such as the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and American Heart Association (AHA). The #EquityChat is held on the second Tuesday of each month to discuss the latest in health equity research in a variety of topics. The conversation also explores what groups in the community are doing to help prevention, management, and awareness of health disparities.

Follow along each month to learn about reducing disparities and improving health, ask any questions you have, and share what you are doing to take action for health equity!

To join the conversation, follow the #EquityChat Hashtag on the second Tuesday of each month from 2-3 PM EST. And be sure to look on Finding Answer’s twitter account (@FndgAnswers) for invites and more information each month.

To catch up on past months’ chats, click here to see Finding Answers Storify Page.


The American Diabetes Association joined Finding Answers for a discussion on diabetes health disparities, as well as community efforts for diabetes prevention and management.

  Click here to read the complete transcript from July’s Equity Chat.


The American Heart Association joined Finding Answers for Heart Month and African American Heritage Month to discuss disparities related to heart disease, as well as those that impact the African American community.

Click here to read the complete transcript from February’s EquityChat.

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