How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System: THC Detection And Detox

What Is THC And Why Is It So Popular

If you are a marijuana user then it is possible to get in a lot of trouble if you don’t know how long does weed stay in your system. Weed is a popular drug you get from a cannabis plant. The plant has THC or tetrahydrocannabinol that gives you a high when you consume it.

Some revealing data shows that around 30% of individuals have tried marijuana once. This is quite a whopping number in recent times. While some use it to get high, others claim their health benefits. THC is a drug that makes you feel relaxed. It makes you calm and composed. But if you consume it regularly, it gets addictive. However, due to its popularity, it is slowly getting legal in some states of different countries. Around 45% of U.S adults at some point in their lives have consumed marijuana. Interestingly, these numbers are at their record highest.

Being a regular consumer of drugs and trying it out are two different things. But, the number of smokers is increasing rapidly. The numbers are rising with each passing day. Since marijuana is slowly getting legal in the country, it does pose a risk as well. A total of 29 states have made marijuana legal. But when it comes to drug testing employers don’t show any leniency when it comes to cannabis consumption.

Thus, you must know how long does weed stay in your body. It is particularly important for those who are chasing after their dream jobs. Candidates often get rejected when they receive a positive drug test result for cannabis.

In this article, we are going to explain how long does marijuana stay in your system and what detox products would help remove drug metabolites from the body.

What Is the Purpose of Detoxing from THC Metabolites?

When you know how long does weed stay in your system it might get clear to you why people buy detox products. There are several reasons why people wish to eliminate their bodies of THC. The reason differs from person to person. The reasons why people use marijuana are different. One huge reason why individuals want to remove THC from the body is because of drug tests.

There is no foolproof solution to pass drug tests. Therefore, we do not give a guarantee on any of the methods we will list below. But one thing is for sure – the results are quite effective. The solutions work gradually by removing THC from the body. The process is faster than the body’s detoxification mechanism.

There is another popular reason people want to remove THC from the body. It is because they want to quit consuming the drug. Therefore, they wish to first get rid of the drug completely. Individuals who want to lead a healthy lifestyle will likely follow this path.

When And Why Do Employers Drug Test?

Organizations usually carry out random drug tests. These tests help to identify if their employees consume drugs. In addition, the tests are done before hiring an employee. Many organizations follow a drug-free work environment. The tests allow employers to identify such people beforehand. This prevents them from getting jobs in particular workplaces or organizations. The following are the key reasons why big employers insist on drug testing:

  1. To mark those employees who have a previous history of substance abuse.
  2. Keeping a drug-free work environment.
  3. To ensure the safety of people in the workplace.

Types of Professions Where You Must Undergo a Drug Test

As per the law, private organization employees don’t need to go through drug tests. Nevertheless, these organizations can make drug testing compulsory as a part of their recruitment policies. But, in certain fields like aviation and transportation, it is mandatory. Besides, they are necessary for industries like safety, transit, and more. Employees need to undergo drug tests to be fit for the job. This test determines the individual’s history with drugs.

Furthermore, a few other fields have compulsory drug testing. They include schools, hospitals, and universities. Employees of the federal and state agencies also should undergo testing. So, if you want to apply for any of these jobs, we recommend you read the article on how long does weed stay in your system thoroughly.

Following is a list of substances that might come up in a drug test:

  1. Opiates
  2. THC
  3. Amphetamines
  4. Phencyclidine
  5. Cocaine

How Does the Body’s THC Metabolism Work?

The THC metabolism process is very important to understand how long does weed stay in your system. If you consume THC through smoking, it enters your body from the lungs. Then, it finds its way into blood. Later, it spreads through the tissues in the body. Finally, it reaches the brain tissues. This is when you get the feeling of being high. And this is the exact feeling that the individual wants.

In case you consume edibles, it stays in the liver for a longer time. But it follows the same process as above. Once you use weed, it takes a couple of hours for the effects to kick in. This is when you start to feel high. Moreover, it takes another 2-3 hours for the effects to die down. Even though the effects wear down, THC is still traceable in the body.

Frequency Of Cannabis Consumption Detection Times
Once 1-3 days
Thrice a week 5-7 days
Everyday use 1-2 weeks
Very heavy use 14-90 days

Factors That Determine How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System

Many of you are wondering, how long does THC stay in your system? To answer that question, we would say there is no perfect answer to it. Many factors determine this. While some are genetic factors, others can be consumed. However, most of the factors in how long does weed stay in your system depend on how fast your body metabolizes the drug.

Below, we will list some of the main factors that determine the detection window of cannabis users.

Your BMI

If you are an individual with higher body fat, you will hold THC for a longer time. On the other hand, if your body fat is lower, your system gets rid of the drug sooner.


Compared to males, females have higher body fat. This leaves them with a higher chance of retaining drugs. With higher fat content, processing drugs takes time.


The next determining factor is metabolism. If you are a person with a higher metabolism, then your detection window will be less. If you are a person with a lower metabolism, your body will retain THC longer than usual.


Interestingly, some people are born with a higher metabolism level. This reduces their detection time frame. In contrast, individuals with a lower metabolism have a longer detection window.

Frequency of Usage

Your frequency of consumption of drugs does matter. If you are a heavy drug user, then drugs will be easily traceable in your body. On the other hand, if you use drugs rarely, your body will eliminate toxins faster.

The Method of Consumption

If you consume potent weed, then it will remain in your body for a long time. Also, if you ingest weed, it stays in the body more than it would if you smoked it. So, the potency and method of intake play a big role in deciding how long does weed stay in your bloodstream.

To flush out toxins from the body, many people opt for different home remedies. But there is no evidence that these methods provide effective results. Moreover, depending on the body’s natural detoxing process might not be a good idea since it takes too long and you don’t have much time. In this situation, Toxin Rid can be a good option to choose that can help you pass a drug test in just 24 hours.

How To Get Weed Out of Your System In 2022

In this section, we will explain the detection times of marijuana based on different types of drug tests. We will also mention some of the fastest ways to get weed out of your system. The detox products mentioned in this article are very popular among weed users and most of these users have claimed to taste success after using them.

How Long Does Weed Stay in Urine?

Type Of User Detection Window
Once For 3 days
Thrice a week Up to 5-7 days
Everyday use Up to 10-15 days
Very heavy use Up to 30 days

Among other tests, urinalysis is the most common. And many of you have this question in mind. The answer to this depends on several factors. If you consume drugs heavily, it is detectable in the urine for over 30 days. Now you may ask, why does that happen? It happens because the body processes THC slowly. It begins to break down at a certain rate.

Therefore, if you consume drugs heavily, they will accumulate in the body. Eventually, it will find its way into fat cells. Thus, a person on the heavier side will store THC for longer. However, there are certain ways you can clear your system. They include being active, exercising, and drinking water. It is important to boost your metabolism.

Do you want to know how long does weed stay in your system? THC detection times in urine are about 3-30 days. However, the most important factor is consumption frequency. The more drugs you consume, the higher the chances of tracing it out. If you consume marijuana frequently, then the detoxification process takes longer.

Toxin Rid Pills

Are you looking for natural detox solutions? Then, you must try the Toxin Rid pills. These are some popular detox products in the market. Not to forget, they have amazing results. Many users claim the product offers effective performance. A strike-worthy feature of the pills is that there are various options for each level of user. For example, a heavy user will have varying solutions for effective detoxification.

The solution includes detox pills, dietary fibers, liquid detox, and more. It also has minerals and vitamins along with herbal substances. You can try detox pills to cleanse your body of toxins. These pills are effective enough to get rid of drug residue. This will help you pass the drug test.

Make sure to use them as given on the label. Following the instructions will help you get desirable results.


This amazing product is a blend of dietary fiber, detox pills, along with liquid detox. However, the product is completely natural and safe to use. Let us have a look at the ingredients.

  • Chloride
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Kelp
  • Boron
  • Alfalfa leaf extract
  • Calcium
  • Iron

Every detox pill of Toxin Rid has the same requirements and functions. Even if you choose a different detox duration, it still works the same.

The unique thing between the programs is the liquid detox, quantity of pills, and dietary fiber. Also, the duration of days differs depending on the type of program.

For example, if you choose a one-day detox, it works in under 24 hours. Similarly, a 10-day program will work for 10 days. However, it is best to choose the longer-running program as it is highly effective.

Toxin Rid Pills Price

Toxin Rid pills are available in multiple options. Depending on your fat content, height, and consumption, choose the best detox program for you. Let us now have a look at the price range for different detox solutions. There are many options that we will list below.

  • One-day detox   = 54.95 dollars for 15 pills
  • Two-day detox  = 59.95 dollars for 30 pills
  • Three-day detox = 69.95 dollars for 45 pills
  • Four-day detox  = 89.95 dollars for 60 pills
  • Five-day detox   = 109.95 dollars for 75 pills
  •  Seven-day detox = 153.95 dollars for 105 pills
  • Ten-day detox = 189.95 dollars for 150 pills

The best part is yet to come. All the package options have a 100% cash-back guarantee. Isn’t that amazing? But you will have to provide the correct documentation to get the refund. If you can provide the necessary documents, you can avail of the cashback. In addition, the shipping date is usually the next day.

In some cases, the product is shipped after a couple of days. However, you can tell them if you need the package urgently. Interestingly, TestClear has international shipping options as well.

Synthetic Urine as A Backup Plan

Some cases require an individual to undergo a urine test in less than 24 hours. What is the best way to pass the drug test in such a situation? The answer to this is to try synthetic urine. Today, synthetic urine has similar components to natural urine. This makes it easier and safer to use.

In simple words, synthetic urine is nothing but urine made in a lab. It is fake urine that has the same chemical composition as natural urine. Fortunately, it has all elements in real urine. So, it is different to make out the difference between the two.

Synthetic urine contains urea, uric acid, ammonia, creatinine, and other concentrations. They look and smell the same. Fake piss is undetectable unless the lab is testing for synthetic urine and not for drugs. However, you need to get your hands on the best synthetic urine to pass urinalysis with flying colors.

TestClear Powdered Human Urine

This urine is not in a liquid but in powder form. It undergoes a drying process that eventually turns out to be a powder. The safest part about using this product is that it is completely real. In other words, it is natural urine in a powder. Thus, you will have no legal issues having or using it.

The product is quite affordable. TestClear is behind this amazing product. Besides, synthetic urine is affordable and costs $50 only. It comes with a set of things like heaters, and powdered urine, along with blue pads and more.


  • Urea
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Uric Acid
  • Sodium Phosphate
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Distilled Water

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your Hair?

If you want to test for a long history of drug use, then the hair follicle test is perfect. In case you smoke weed, it will not show in the hair for around 10 days. The drug is usually stored at the root or scalp of your hair. And since hair grows slowly, the drugs show up gradually.

Hair drug testing is not reliable to check for occasional use. THC takes time to accumulate in the hair follicles. Also, if you consume edibles, they will not be traceable in the hair for some time. The drug metabolites stay in your hair and remain untill you cut your hair off.

In other words, your hair follicles can reveal drug use from the last 3 months. However, labs use just 0.5-1 inches of hair from the hair root. This gives them a detection window of 2 months. Be aware that they can take hair from any body part. So, they can collect hair samples from your armpit or chest if you are bald.

Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid

This amazing product is the brainchild of Toxin Rid. It is a successful detox solution with great reviews. Many users claim the benefits of using the product. You can buy this detox solution online or in stories. Previously, the product was known as Nexxus Aloe Rid.

The shampoo has propylene glycol which is powerful in removing toxins. Moreover, it has aloe vera that gives your scalp a soothing effect. In addition, the ingredients in the product help restore the vitality of the hair. Detoxifying shampoos usually have propylene glycol that cleanses your hair.


  • Since the shampoo is potent, it can remove drug residue effectively.
  • No conditioning of the hair is needed when using this shampoo.
  • It contains aloe vera that is enriching for the hair.
  • All ingredients in the shampoo are derived from nature so it is safe to use.


  • The shampoo does not work well for heavy users.
  • You need to use it regularly for permanent results.
  • The cost of shampoo is quite high.

The price of this amazing shampoo is only $235.90. If you wish to buy it, get it online or from stores in the US. But it is best to make your purchase from the manufacturers directly. This way you know that you are getting an authentic product that will work, not a cheap knockoff.

How Long Does THC Stay in Saliva?

If you need to test for drugs immediately, then a saliva drug test is done. This test is generally done by some patrol person on the highway. Employers can use it in workplaces too. Authorities conduct saliva tests in accident spots for determining if the accident happened under the influence of substances.

The test results are instant. You can see the drug test reports in under 3 minutes. This type of testing of drugs is now on the rise. Saliva tests are fast, cheap, and easy to administer.

The saliva drug test is quick and gives you instant results. Besides, you need less equipment for the test. Interestingly, it is affordable as well. However, this testing is not as reliable as the others. Individuals having dry mouths will usually take a long time for the test. Reports reveal that blood tests have an accuracy level of 95%. On the other hand, urine and saliva have 90% and 80% accuracy, respectively.

Like other testing types, you would want to know how long THC remains in the saliva. This depends on how much you consume drugs. However, there are many myths regarding saliva tests you can see online. Some say edibles are not traceable in a drug test. But that is false. Even if you smoke or consume edibles, both are detectable. If you are a daily user, then your saliva might show the presence of THC for up to 72 hours, according to a study conducted in 2020.

Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash

Do you need to pass the saliva drug test? Are you looking for a product to save you? Then the Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash is the ideal solution. The magical ingredients in the product are powerful to clean your mouth.

It consists of peppermint, potassium chloride, water, glycerin, and magnesium sulfate, among others. The combination of these ingredients is effective in cleansing your mouth.

Get clean saliva for half an hour after using the mouthwash. Make sure to use the product well for around 3 minutes. Furthermore, follow the instructions on the label carefully. Before using the product, shake it well. This ensures all ingredients are combined well. Drink half of the product contents and swish for around 2-3 minutes. Finally, spit it out.

Now you must repeat the steps. Drink the remaining contents of the bottle, swish, and spit. Ensure not to drink or eat anything after using the product. Following the instructions correctly will ensure clean saliva for half an hour.


  • Effective mouthwash.
  • Hundreds of positive reviews.
  • Does not contain alcohol.
  • Small bottle, easy to carry.


  • You cannot swallow the mouthwash.
  • After using the product, you have only 30 minutes to get the test done.

How Long Does THC Stay in Blood?

Once you consume drugs, it stays in the bloodstream for 36 hours. Depending on the origin of the metabolites, they can last for varying periods. So, even if it remains in the blood for over 36 hours, it can stay longer in your saliva for 48 hours. In addition, metabolites are traceable in your urine after a month.

In other words, THC is capable of lasting long in the human body. Also, THC gets accumulated in fatty tissues quickly. Thus, if you have a higher fat content, your body accumulates THC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fail a drug test from second hand smoke?

If you happen to spend several hours in a smoking area, then you might fail the test. Other than that, there are no chances of you failing the test. Inhaling a little bit of THC will not give you a positive drug test.

If I smoke once, will I test positive in the drug test?

If you smoke anywhere for 3 days, you can test positive in the drug test. It does not matter if you smoke just once. Taking a drug test after smoking will give you a positive drug test.

Can a hair follicle test detect one time use?

Hair drug tests are not a good option to detect one-time use of drugs.

Is there a way to cleanse the body from cannabis?

There are methods to cleanse your body from cannabis. However, it all depends on how much you consume. If you are a heavy drug user, then you can still test positive. So, there are always chances.

How long does delta 8 stay in your system?

In urine, it can stay for 3-30 days, and in hair follicles for up to 90 days.

Will a detox drink help cleanse all types of drugs in my body?

Yes, it can. If you want a quick detox solution, then detox drinks and products are ideal. You can use it for an upcoming urine test. In addition, it is best to stay away from drugs for 2 days before the test.

Will any drug tests detect the usage of the detox drink?

If you use detox drinks as per the instructions, lab tests will not be able to trace the drink. However, make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

Will a detox drink or product expire if not consumed within a particular period?

Before you buy these detox drinks, look at their expiry date. All of them do come with a certain time limit. So, always check before you buy.

How much time will it take for the effects of the detoxifying pills to come in?

The effects of the detox pills depend on the type of formulations you use. Some of them kick in between 2-6 hours. Once you take the detox pill, the effects begin to start. But you will feel them after a few hours.

Is there a way to cheat during drug testing? Are there legal complications?

There are not enough laws regarding drug tests. In some cases, if you are caught cheating, there can be a penalty. In others, there might be not. Besides, there can be prosecution charges if you possess a device during such tests. It is best to do some research and get this information as per your state.

Is home drug testing safe and reliable?

As per some, home drug testing is effective. They have an interesting accuracy level of 99%. In such a case, you can undergo a home drug test. This will give you an idea of the idea beforehand. Also, in case it is positive, you can prepare to clear the drug test.

If I use edibles occasionally, is there a need to detox?

Consumption of weed will result in its metabolites staying in the system for 3 days. The method of consumption does not matter here. However, the amount of consumption does matter. Compared to smoking weed, edibles are known to stay in the body for longer. Thus, you can trace them out easily. Try detox products to get rid of toxins from the system.

Are there reliable shortcut detox products?

Unfortunately, there is not. If you want to cleanse drug metabolites, drink tons of water. Increase your fluid intake and urine regularly. This will get rid of toxins in your body.

Do detox teas work?

Interestingly, detox teas do work. They help to flush out toxins from the body. Generally, they are diuretics that make you pee more. This allows you to eliminate toxins from your system. However, detox teas will not remove THC. Instead, they will simply mask them.

Final Words

Drug tests are common these days. However, passing these tests need not be a challenge. The results of the test will determine your employment status. If you plan to get into your dream company, drug tests are mandatory. The consumption method, the number of drugs you consume, body fat, and your size are the major factors that decide how long THC stays in your system.

In addition, your metabolism does play a huge role as well. However, getting your hands on the right detox product will help you pass the test. Based on the type of test, choose the detox products. In addition, look for additional ways to cleanse your system. Cheers to smashing the drug test and passing with flying colors!



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