Detoxify Mega Clean

This piece aims to provide customers with one of the best Detoxify Mega Clean reviews 2022. There are many reasons why people need to detoxify and clear their system of all drug traces. There are many detox and body cleanse products currently, and one of them is the Detoxify Mega Clean THC drink.

Detoxify Mega Clean has made its mark in the drug cleansing industry due to its success in helping remove toxin traces in the body. However, there have been many questions about the effectiveness of this product.

It is a liquid cleanser that is believed to offer natural drug and toxin cleansing of the body to pass drug tests and offer faster and quicker stability of the mind. It is stated to support the four different factors of body cleansing for the best results. Manufacturers of this product have claimed that it is safe as long as it is used according to instructions.

This Detoxify Mega Clean review will thoroughly analyze and highlight the effectiveness of this product, the people who can drink it, and its safety option. Are you wondering how it works or how long does a detox drink take to work? Keep reading.


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Detoxify Mega Clean Description

Detoxifying means cleansing drugs and toxins from the body. While detox drinks and products are often used for all types of drugs, research on most effects, including Mega Clean, has shown that they are more effective in cleansing marijuana and cannabis.

The Detoxify Mega Clean is relatively straightforward, and following its instructions can help users pass their drug tests. Detoxify Mega Clean is beneficial against almost all forms of drug tests. It works well with saliva and hair and is more difficult to pass urine drug tests.

Detoxify Mega Clean

The Detoxify Mega Clean has also been found to have herbal benefits, making it one of the more recommended detox drinks to clear your system. It is natural detoxification that is effective against high toxins. Its ingredients also make it the perfect dietary supplement. Detoxify can be used with Toxin Rid pills to achieve the best effect.

Below is a general description of Detoxify Mega Clean Product and its manufacturer

Product formLiquid
Vitamin and supplement typeDietary supplements
BrandDetoxify Detox
Body partWhole body
Multipack quantity1

Detoxify Mega Clean Ingredients

The Detoxify Mega Clean ingredients all point to the fact that the product can be helpful in cleansing toxins and helping users pass their drug tests easily. There are many ingredients in Detoxify Mega Clean, and they include major ingredients like Taurine, Niacin, Riboflavin, and Thiamine. It also has Vitamin supplements that include Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D.

Herbal essential ingredients are also included in this product: Burdock Root Extract, Guarana Seed Extract, American Ginseng Root Extract, Milk Thistle Seed Extract, Uva Ursi Leaf Extract, and Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract.

Other essential ingredients in Detoxify Mega Clean includes Pantothenic Acid, Biotin, Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese, Zinc, Sodium Selenium, Chromium, Citrus, Potassium, Proprietary, and Pectin.

While there are many ingredients in Detoxify Mega Clean, some stand out very well and are worth mentioning. They include

Taurine: Taurine is a special ingredient that contributes to the entire makeup of the Detoxify Mega Clean drink and is well known for its detoxification properties. A Springer Research on taurine has proven that it has detoxification properties and can be quite helpful.

In addition to dispelling certain toxins, taurine has other health benefits that it offers to the body. It helps to improve body metabolism, support heart functions, improve brain health, and strengthen body immunity, as specified by SouthSide Diabetes.

Niacin: Niacin is also a very active ingredient in the Detoxify Mega Clean product and is well known for flushing out toxins from the body. It is also excellent in handling fatty tissue. It is also essential for the normal functioning of body tissues and organs. Overall, niacin enhances users’ well-being.

Folate: This is another unique ingredient that makes up the remarkable Detoxify Mega Clean. This ingredient works well with other special ingredients in this drink. Different studies on Folate have shown that it is safe for consumption. The Mega Clean Product has just enough folate to allow proper detoxification without any fear of harm.

Riboflavin: This Ingredient may have less or nothing to do with detoxification in the body system. However, it also plays a role in the removal process of toxins. It bolsters energy levels, a needed supplement for people who need to clear their system of drug traces. The addition of this substance to the other ingredients help expels several toxins from the body.

Detoxify® states that the Mega Clean THC drink is very safe and is a product formed from an expert combination of the best ingredient in the right quantity. It is essential to note that the FDA has not backed all safety claims of Detoxify on the Mega Clean THC Product.


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  • Three-part detoxification system with pre-rid tablets, liquid detox, and dietary fiber
  • Specifically designed for people with HEAVY toxin exposure
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  • Rids your blood, urine, and saliva of unwanted drug toxins
  • 100% money-back guarantee
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Does Detoxify Mega Clean Really Work?

So how well do detox drinks work for a drug test? The manufacturer claims that the effectiveness is strictly based on how well customers follow the instructions.

Using Detoxify Mega Clean detox drink to pass a drug test is as effective as the type of test buyers aim to pass. It tends to work within 24 hours when used for a hair test and can work within 3 to 4 days when used for a urine test.

This product comes with a mega formulation that can naturally cleanse the body by focusing on four major areas. The first cleansing is achieved by focusing on the entire body, which is called the circulatory system. the second cleansing is on the digestive system, while the third type of cleansing is on the urinary system. Finally, it helps users achieve better health by carrying out restorative benefits affected by toxins and marijuana intake. Mega clean has several benefits that include mineral and vitamin supplements.

It can achieve better results against all types of drug tests within 48 hours if it is paired with another pre-cleanse supplement sold by Detoxify or other brands like Toxin Rid .

The detox drink will actually work easily if the cleanse & potable water is taken at specific intervals. This method is stated to supercharge the body to carry out cleansing quickly so that users will pass their drug tests within 1 to 4 days. Frequent urination is extremely critical for the effectiveness of this cleansing drink.

Detoxify Mega Clean works at its very best between the third and fourth hour after consumption. According to Detoxify®, Mega Clean offers the following cleansing advantage

  • Fast cleansing and essential nutrients replenishment
  • High Toxins removal from the entire body, including circulatory, urinary and digestive systems
  • It removes low, average, and high toxicity levels safely without any issue.

Detoxify Mega Clean Instructions

The instructions on how to use Detoxify Mega Clean must be followed to the letter for complete effectiveness. The general consensus from users is that the product is very effective and beats most detox drinks. This section will highlight how users can get a pass during drug testing by sticking to instructions.

According to Detoxify®, the steps to naturally clean all toxins and drug reading from the body is as follows:

  • The Detoxify Mega Clean must be thoroughly mixed together for better ingredients concentration and balance
  • The entire content must be consumed at a go.
  • After 15 minutes, users will have to refill the Detoxify Mega Clean bottle with water, shake thoroughly and drink again
  • After consuming the refill, users will need to drink 16 oz. of water every two hours for the next 24 hours
  • Users should experience high urination frequency within one to two hours as that indicates a high cleansing level.

It is important to state that the reason for the strict requirement for taking the product is for it to work effectively without altering consumers’ health. Users are advised to read the bottle and follow the directions to use the content for the best results.

The above instruction is for people who are one-off users. For those who actually need to cleanse their system more often, Detoxify® offers another instruction that will be considered in the next subheading.

How Detoxify Mega Clean Drink Remove Toxin Levels

The Detoxify Mega Clean is very effective in the natural removal of toxins. However, users will have to follow its specific instructions to enjoy its benefits. It can actually clean average, high, and very high toxin levels as long as all instructions are followed to the core.

  • Occasional use of the Detoxify Mega Clean will help to cleanse off average toxin levels. Occasional use means less than twice a week
  • The moderate use of Detoxify Mega Clean will cleanse high toxin levels. Moderate use means drinking the product 3 to 6 times per week
  • Daily usage of Detoxify Mega Clean will help to clean off very high toxin levels. Maximum daily usage will have clients use the product one to three times a day.

Benefits of the Herbal Extract in Detoxify Mega Clean

While Detoxify Mega Clean is highly focused on the fast removal of drugs and toxins from the blood, it is more than a detoxing ingredient. It also serves as a supplement enriched with very important herbal benefits.

  1. Burdock Root Extract: This herbal extract helps to sustain healthy circulatory, urinary and digestive systems.
  2. Guarana Seed Extract: This extract serves as a natural source for getting caffeine which is important for more focus and alertness. It also promotes energy level and healthy metabolism
  3. American Ginseng Root Extract: The Ginseng extract is a special inclusion of the Mega Clean THC Detox that enhances energy and relieves stress. It improves the mood of users and also lower blood glucose, reducing the risk that comes with it.
  4. Milk Thistle Seed Extract: This extract supports bone, and skin health and encourages better liver functioning.
  5. Uva Ursi Leaf Extract: This special plant reduces bloating and promotes better urinary tract health.
  6. Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract: This extract provides many benefits that include better joint and muscle health.

The Mega Clean Manufacturer

The manufacturer of the Mega Clean drink is Detoxify®. Detoxify® has a vast range of detox products that are used for detoxification. The product is made to give premium cleansing, as claimed by the manufacturer.

Detoxify® has been in the business of making system cleansing products for a long time now. They have been providing detoxification products since 1999, about 23 years and up to date. The company has branches in different places, with its headquarters situated in the United States.

The company is located in 3302 N27TH Ave Ste 3306D Phoenix, AZ. 85017-5012 in the United States. The company works on normal working days, from Monday to Friday. The working period of the company is between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm. Customers who would love to can reach out to the company physically.

The Mega Clean drink manufacturer uses ingredients that have been tested for the presence of nutrients such as fiber, herbs, minerals, and vitamins. In addition to these nutrients, the company further provides a direction regarding the addition of water and other ingredients during the use of the product.


The company is accessible and ready to attend to complaints and reviews of customers regarding the product. The company has a presence across a wide range of social media platforms that customers can contact. Their social media presence spreads across platforms such as Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Aside from the various social media platforms, the company has also made customer mail support available by the address [email protected]. The company has a customer support contact. Customers can reach the company at +1-800-338-6948. The official website of the company is


The manufacturer of the Mega Clean drink has a registered trademark. The company claims to offer one hundred percent satisfaction with detoxification products. However, it is essential to state that the manufacturer does not claim that the product will give a 100% cleansing on drug tests.

The detoxification products include some essential nutrients that the body may need, so they are sold as dietary supplements. It is the user’s sole responsibility to use the products to pass a drug test.

It is essential to note that the product has not been evaluated or certified by the Food Drug Administration(FDA). So there is no backing for it to be used for treating any condition.

Mega Clean Detox Prices

$49.99 is the price of the Detoxify Mega Clean drink on the company’s official website. Currently, the company offers the product for $24.40. On Amazon, the product is sold for an amount of $29.25, while Vitamin Shoppe sells the product for $39.99. The retailer features an offer where customers can buy the drink on 4 interest-free payments with Klarna.

Pros and Cons


  • Quick Result: The product offers quick results to customers after consumption. Within fifteen minutes of taking the drink and the consumption of a good volume of water, it causes recurrent urination in customers. This further leads to the elimination of harmful toxins that can be detected either during a blood test, saliva test, or urinary test.
  • Organic synthesis: The Detoxify Mega Clean drink is made by utilising organic supplements and naturally occurring sources. The drink is void of toxic substances that can negatively affect the body’s normal functioning, causing users to suffer unwanted adverse effects. The Mega Clean product is a formation of organically occurring and manufactured chemicals that are made not to affect users’ health.
  • It is a popular detoxification product: A good number of users of detoxification products that are active on the internet gave many good reviews on the Mega Clean drink.
  • The ability for replenishing essential nutrients in the body: As a result of the makeup of the Mega clean drink, decreased bodily nutrients can be replenished. Some important nutrients may be reduced due to the presence of toxic substances. The Mega Clean drink helps to restore them.
  • Making the urine look real by adding coloration: The urine of customers is made yellow due to the product’s constituents and not like a sample that is prepared artificially.


  • It is expensive: The Mega Clean drink seems more expensive across different platforms than other similar products.
  • Adverse health consequences due to frequent urination: The drink makes users urinate many times. This can cause nausea or diarrhea. Also, dehydration may occur if sufficient water is not taken to compensate for the frequent passing of urine.
  • Limited efficiency window: The Mega Clean drink’s efficacy only lasts about three to five hours. This means that any customer that intends to use this drink before a drug test must do so within two hours before the test. As toxic substances are removed from the body, the cleansing results last for just a few hours.

Customer Reviews

Customers’ thoughts on Mega Clean Detoxify have been both positive and negative. However, what the trends show is that the drink does have commendable detoxification benefits with very few side effects

Positive Feedbacks


Sierra is satisfied, but not completely perfect. She does not like the taste of a drink.

This user shared a story of successful drug test passing. The structure seems to be too gross for the son, who was passing the test. But, instead, he received a great result.


The user Katana just like it. 5 stars and you will pass with flying colors.

Negative Feedback


Eric shared his failure. It seems that you need a higher drink quantity if your IBM is higher than common.

Question and Answers


Where do I get the Detoxify Mega Clean detox drink near me?

Many persons who intend to use the product do not know where to buy Detoxify Mega Clean detox drink. You can get the product from any retailer near you. The product is available on the official website of the company. You can as well get the product from platforms like Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, TestClear, and GNC.

Does the drink work for a drug test?

There are several detoxification drinks that work effectively for drug tests among these is the Detoxify Mega Clean.

Does Detoxify Mega Clean work for the THC test?

Yes, the drink works for the THC test. The product helps to detoxify drugs that are not easily diluted.

How long does the Mega Clean drink last?

This depends on the brand of the product. They may last for 2 to 24 hours. The Mega Clean drink effect on the body lasts for 2 to 5 hours.

Does Detox Mega Clean really work?

According to some customers’ positive reviews and the manufacturer’s claims, the Mega Clean drink works. It is said to wash off drug residues, and toxins from the body systems provided the instructions are followed.


The Detoxify Mega Clean may also be one of the best detoxifying liquids available to users. The review on it has been both positive and negative. However, most customers have more positive reviews for the products than negative ones. Users can only enjoy the best results from Detoxify Mega Clean if they follow all of the instructions stated by the manufacturer. However, they must ensure that they do not overdose on it, to avoid negative side effects.

South Side Diabetes recommends ensuring that users are in the right position to utilize the product to avoid complications.


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