ACCESS Booker Family Health Center

From left to right: Sheila Harmon, Shelley Scott, Shannon O?Neill, Patrice Moore, Sonya Hopkins, Mickey Eder, and Carole Guger

Project Team

Front Office Champion: Thomas Edwards, Clinic Manager
Back Office Champion: Shelley Scott, Certified Diabetes Educator
Provider Champion: Sheila Harmon, Regional Operations Manager
Other Team Members: Joan Bryar Angeletti, Carol Dall, Milton Eder, Carole Guger, Patrice Moore, Shannon O?Neill


The ACCESS Booker team and patients have been instrumental in helping to create and pilot-test the Diabetes Patient Empowerment curriculum.ÿ The 10-week class was launched at Booker in Spring of 2010 and was taught by Shelley Scott, Sheila Harmon, and Dr. Monica Peek.ÿ Patients who have completed the classes still meet every 3 months to share tips on how to take care of their diabetes and to support one another.

ACCESS recently installed their electronic medical record system (EMR) which can be a helpful tool for implementing quality improvement projects.ÿ For example, the team is using their EMR to track when a referral is made by a primary care doctor for a patient to see to the nutritionist.ÿ EMRs hold a lot of patient data that can be useful for identifying trends and monitoring the health of a clinic population.ÿ In the past, other Booker projects developed creative ways to flag patients who need to make follow-up (return) appointments.

Provider Workshops are coming soon to this site.



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