Resources and help

There are lots of resources available to residents of the South Side of Chicago. Here are some resources especially helpful for people living with diabetes on the South Side of Chicago.

Check out these links for information about:

How to get free or discounted healthcare:

If you need a doctor, the South Side Health Collaborative can help you find a one, even if you don?t have insurance.

Call 773-702-5668 or look on this map to find a doctor near you.

Click here for more information about health insurance and assistance plans for the uninsured in Illinois.

How to get help paying for your medication:

Talk to your doctor or nurse about a Patient Assistance Program. They can help you fill out forms to discount the price of your medication.

Illinois Rx Card offers some discounts on medications for patients with any kind of insurance?including Medicare and Medicaid?and for patients who don?t have any insurance at all. Print out your own discount card by clicking here and bring it to your pharmacist to see if you can get a discount on your medications.


How to get free or discounted healthy food

K.L.E.O. Community Family Life Center hosts a free food pantry on the first Wednesday of every month. Come to K.L.E.O. for free food, including fresh fruits and vegetables, information about exercising at home, health screenings, and health workshops about the best way to take care of yourself and your family.

Experimental Station hosts a farmer?s market on 61st and Blackstone that doubles your LINK dollars and accepts senior coupons. Come to the market for fresh fruits and vegetables!

The Greater Chicago Food Depository hosts pantries and food kitchens all over the city. Check out their site to see where and when you can pick up your free food, including fresh produce and meat.

If you are a patient at one of our participating sites, ask your doctor about the Food Rx program. You?ll receive educational material about shopping right and a coupon for fresh produce at participating Walgreens and the 61st Street Farmer?s Market.

How to get free or discounted access to fitness

Chicago Park District has fitness centers with very minimal membership fees. If you need help paying for the gym, ask your doctor about getting a prescription for free exercise for 6 months.

The Community Fitness Program held at the Museum of Science and Industry is a free exercise program open to all ages. Sign up to enjoy an educational walking path inside one of the world?s most famous Museums.

Personal Trainer, Professional Speaker, and Health/Wellness expert, Siddiqu Muhammad of Chicago Fit 4 Life.

Siddiqu offers a chair edition work out program that is for individuals who have a more sedentary life or with knee/lower back injuries. During the entire workout, the participant only use a chair which allows them to sit down throughout the majority of the session.

Additionally, Siddiqu offers Personal Training, Fitness Boot Camps, and Health Presentations!

For more information follow Siddiqu on Facebook atÿ@ChicagoFit4Lifeÿor visit his website:ÿ