Provider Workshops

We work with healthcare providers to troubleshoot the challenges of communicating with their patients, recognize cultural stereotypes on which they may unknowingly rely, and effectively motivate patients towards health behavior change.

Our course objectives are to:

1) Identify and practice core communication skills for effective clinician-patient interactions;

2) Understand stages of behavior change (precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance) and different change processes; Practice assessing stage of change and tailoring interventions to differentÿstages;

3) Practice incorporating motivational interviewing techniques (engage, empathize, educate, enlist) into patient encounters to optimize diabetes self-care;

4) Enhance providerÿsensitivity to patients? cultural preferences to optimize clinician-patient interactions with diverse patient populations.

Training includes physicians, mid-level providers (physician assistants and nurse practitioners), along with other patient care staff.ÿ This team-oriented training approach enhances clinic team-building and provides for ongoing peer reinforcement of acquired skills.ÿ At each participating clinic, four one-hour training sessions are presented with each addressing cultural competence skills, communication skills, and behavior change skills.