ACCESS Grand Boulevard Health and Specialty Center

From left to right: Sheila Harmon, Shelley Scott, Shannon O?Neill, Patrice Moore, Sonya Hopkins, Mickey Eder, and Carole Guger

Project Team

Front Office Champion: Jakahn Flagg
Back Office Champion: Shelley Scott, Certified Diabetes Educator
Provider Champion: Shirley Stephenson, NP
Provider Champion: Renee Poole, MD
Administrative Champion: Sheila Harmon, Regional Operations Manager
Other Team Members: Joan Bryar Angeletti, Carol Dall, Milton Eder, Carole Guger, Patrice Moore, Shannon O?Neill


The ACCESS Grand Boulevard team shares many members with the ACCESS Booker site.ÿ After successful testing of the Diabetes Empowerment Class at ACCESS Booker, a new group of patients was then recruited at Grand Blvd.ÿ At ACCESS Grand Blvd, many curricular elements were adapted and fine tuned in response to patient feedback.ÿ Shelley Scott, Sheila Harmon and Dr. Monica Peek continue to teach the classes and a new group of patients will be recruited and enrolled in Spring 2012.

Patient needs and preferences are different at each ACCESS Community Health Network location. ÿThe quality improvement team is exploring how best to deliver care in a way that fits the culture of their patients.ÿ Patients at Grand Blvd have been asked to complete a survey regarding best times of day to hold education programs. ÿThe clinic staff hopes that by asking patients when they prefer to receive services (like a diabetes education class) they can better adjust their schedules to reach as many patients as possible.

Provider Workshops are coming soon to this site.


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