In The News?

Here you will find recent articles and media about the South Side Diabetes project from local, regional and even national news.


KevinMD ? The Fundamental Problem with the American Health Care Act 15 Mar 2017

Wallet Hub ? Cities Most Affected by Trumpcare: Ask the Experts 20 Mar 2017

Chicago Tribune, Janice Neumannÿ?ÿ?Black Women in Medicine? relays struggles, triumphs of doctors 6 Feb 2017

WTTWÿChicago Tonight ?ÿTwo Chicago Doctors Test You Are What You Eatÿ11ÿJanÿ2017


WYCC PBS Chicago, In the Loop ? Diabetes, the epidemic disease is among usÿ25 Apr 2016

WGN TV ?ÿTackling Type 2 Diabetes: Local group curbing bad habits through education,ÿcommunicationÿ16 Mar 2016

WGN TV ?ÿA prescription for a diet? A local doctor says this could be the answer to betterÿhealth. 17 Feb 2016

Medill Reports Chicago, Anna Boisseauÿ?ÿSouth Side Diabetes Project Changing Nutritional Norms.ÿ17 Feb 2016.


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Windy City Times, Skylar Baker-Jordan ?ÿNew study aims to improve health care for LGBT people of color. 28ÿOct 2015.

Medill Reports Chicago, Angela Barnes ?ÿSisters Working It Out helping to save women?s lives. 12 Jun 2015.

MedScape coverage of the 2015 national meeting of the American Diabetes Association. ?ÿUsing a text messaging program to improve diabetes care.ÿ6 Jun 2015.

Dr. Peek?s Community Focus Hour on WVON 1690AM ?ÿIs My Neighborhood Making Me Sick?: Exploring the relationship between urban communities and health. 30 May 2015

AARP Bulletin, JessicaÿMigala ?ÿHigh-Tech Ways to Stay Healthy. Apr 2015.


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Health IT Analytics, Jennifer Bresnick ? mHealth Reminders Improve Diabetes Care, Reduce Costs by 8.8%. 6 Feb 2014

Long Term Living, Richard Rogoski ? Text Messages Improve Diabetes Care. 6 Feb 2014

Health Affairs Podcasts, WTOP Interview with Shantanu Nundy ? How Text Messages Can Help Diabetic Patients. 5 Feb 2014

iHealthBeat ? Study: Text Message Program Boosted Diabetes Care, Cut Costs. 5 Feb 2014

Fierce Mobile Healthcare, Greg Slabodkin ?ÿAutomated Text-Messaging Holds Promise for Diabetes Management.ÿ3 Feb 2014

MedPage Today, David Pittman ? Auto TXTing May Boost Diabetes Self-Care. 3 Feb 2014

MedScape Medical News, Miriam Tucker ? Cell-Phone Program Improves Diabetes Outcomes, Saves Costs. 3 Feb 2014

John Ostapkovich, ÿKYW-AM, CBS 3 Philadelphia ? Advocate Sees Potential In Obamacare To Reduce Health Disparities. 28 Jan 2014

The Craig Fahle Show, NPR WDET-FM Detroit ?ÿWill Racial and Ethnic Disparities In Detroit Improve Under the Affordable Care Act? 27 Jan 2014


Lee-Lee Prina, Health Affairs GrantWatch Blog ?ÿExpanding the Health Care Workforce in the States; Clinics Partnering with the Community to Improve Diabetes Careÿ31 Dec 2013 (PDF) (VIDEO)

Diabetes Series Live ?ÿOvercoming Disparities in Diabetes Management: Real-World Strategies that Work 20 Nov 2013 (PDF)

Senior Talk with Clara Hubbard ?ÿDr. Monica Peek. 9 Oct 2013

Alliance to Reduce Disparities in Diabetes ? Chicago Site Leader to Present Poster at IHA on Diabetes Patient Empowerment Strategies. Apr 2013

Mike Puccinelli, CBS 2 Chicago ? Diabetes Hits Especially Hard in Poor Black Communities. 13 Mar 2013

PostedÿbyÿMatt Wood, Managing the ?Daily-ness? of Diabetes Through TextÿMessages. 26 Feb 2013

Lorie A. Parch, Take Part ? We?re all created equal?But not when it comes to heath. 18 Feb 2013

Samantha Andreacchi and Kimberly Shine, Medill Reports Chicago ? Combat ready: Fighting diabetes on Chicago?s South Side. 30 Jan 2013

On December 5, 2012, Pritzker?s Ophthalmology Interest Group held its first screening at the K.L.E.O (Keep Loving Each Other) Center in partnership with the Improving Diabetes Care and Outcomes on the South Side of Chicago Project to promote healthy eyes on Chicago?s south side.ÿ28 Jan 2013

CBS 2 Chicago ? A program on Chicago?s South Side is being touted as a model for the nation in combating the high rate of diabetes in poor neighborhoods. 24 Jan 2013.


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