Kovler Diabetes Center

Team pictured from left to right: Peggy Hasenauer, Jeanine Woodall, Beth Littlejohn, Donna Prost

Project Team

Administrative Champion: Louis Philipson, MD, Director of the Kovler Diabetes Center
Administrative Champion: Peggy Hasenauer, MS, RN, Executive Director of the Kovler Diabetes Center
Administrative Champion: Jasmine Gregory, Diabetes Support Specialist
Back Office Champion: Donna Prost, MS, RD Certified Diabetes Educator
Back Office Champion: Amy Hess-Fischl, Certified Diabetes Educator (pediatrics)
Provider Champion: Rob Sargis, MD, PhD Endocrinologist (adult)
Provider Champion: Isha Williams,MS, LMFT Clinical Therapist
Provider Champion: Elizabeth Littlejohn, MD, Endocrinologist (Pediatrics)
Front Office Champion: Jeanine Woodall, Clinic Manager


The Kovler Diabetes Center serves many patients with complicated diabetes care needs.ÿ Though Kovler cares for patients all over the country, this project focuses on local South Side Chicago residents.ÿ The team learned firsthand from local patients, through surveys and focus groups, what they struggle with most when managing their diabetes.ÿ Information gathered led to the creation of the ?Diabetes Allstars? group, which linked interested patients to physical fitness (gyms and walking programs) and nutritional (grocery store tour, farmers market) community-based programs.

Currently a project is being developed to test the effect of a patient navigator whose job may be to help patients make and keep appointments, problem-solve diabetes self-management challenges, and provide support between clinical visits.ÿ Another approach under development is to provide group therapy in the community where diabetes patients and their families can receive help dealing with emotional issues related to living with diabetes.

Donna Prost has helped to co-teach patient Diabetes Empowerment Classes with Jenn Clark in the Primary Care Group.

Provider Workshops are coming soon to this site.


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