Friend Family Health Center

Team pictured from left to right: Felix Rodriguez, LaTasha Nesbitt, Joyce Smith, Iesha Waters, Theresa Flerick, Sara Platte, Cheryl Travis


Project Team

Administrative Champion: Barbara Williams (former admin champion: Felix Rodriguez, LCSW, ACSW, Director of Operations and Social Services)
Back Office Champion: Iesha Waters, RN
Back Office Champion: Jennifer Chandler,BSN,MS, MBA, Director of Nursing
Provider Champion: Joyce Smith, MD, MPH, Medical Director
Provider Champion:ÿ Sara Platte, MD
Provider Champion: Theresa Flerick, APN
Administrative Champion: Angel McReynolds
Other Team Members: Bernadine Howard, LCSW; Vivian Burr, Nutritionist; Sabrina Moore, Chief Financial Officer, LaTasha Nesbitt, Medical Assistant; Cheryl Travis, Operations Assistant


The Friend Family Health Center team is testing new innovative ways to deliver care centered on patients? needs. One approach is the D?Stars program, a peer support and diabetes education group.ÿ They meet every-other week at the health center, share a meal, talk about how to problem-solve when managing diabetes becomes stressful, and learn from Theresa Flerick (nurse practitioner) about the myths and facts of diabetes.ÿ These participants have made tremendous strides in their diabetes self-management and attribute it to the family-like support and motivation they receive from their classmates.ÿ With a new electronic medical record system (EMR), the Friend Family team hopes to build a diabetes registry (list of patients with diabetes) to track health over time.

The patient Diabetes Empowerment Classes and Provider Workshops are coming soon to this site.


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