Community Health Focus Hour with Dr. Peek ? Let?s Spread the Love


Dr. Monica Peek recently hosted Doctors on Call, a Community Health Focus Hour, on WVON 1690AM. Sponsored by the University of Chicago Medicine Urban Health Initiative, the three part series discussed concerns effecting the Chicago community, especially related to diabetes. If you missed any appearances, check out the full three episodes on below and read more about the resources and collaborators available on the South Side of Chicago.

If you missed the first episode on diabetes and the South Side Diabetes Project, click here to listen.

Episode 2 ? Let?s Spread the Loveÿ

(February 15, 2014) A discussion on diabetes and heart disease prevention and control, especially as it pertains to the African American community. Dr. Monica Peek hosts Tamar Polonsky, Assistant Professor of Medicine and General Cardiologist at the University of Chicago Medicine; Santrice Martin, director of Health Equity at the American Heart Association; Dr. Kara Davis, author and physician member of the American Heart Association Multicultural Leadership Committee; and Siddiqu Muhammad, Certified Fitness Trainer for Chicago Fit4Life. Learn more about the topics and organizations discussed in the links below:

Diabetes and Heart Disease Prevention and Control

  • Heart disease and diabetes share many risk factors including obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. To learn more about risk factors associated with heart disease, visit the American Heart Association website:
  • The ABCs of diabetes provide three great ways to monitor your risk and/or control diabetes and heart disease. Follow the links to learn more on each.

A is for A1C
B is for Blood Pressure
C is for Cholesterol

University of Chicago Medicine, Section of Cardiology

  • Dr. Tamar Polonsky is a General Cardiologist at the University of Chicago Medicine. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment to see a cardiologist at the University of Chicago, call 773-702-9461.
  • To learn more about the free health programs offered by the University of Chicago Medicine, call 7737-702-5600.

American Heart Association, Check, Change, Control

  • To Learn more about the Check, Change, Control blood pressure monitoring program discussed by Dr. Kara Davis and Santrice Martin, visit
  • Be sure to follow the AHA?s efforts in the Chicago community on their twitter page, @HeartChicago.
  • Santrice Martin is the director of health equity for the Midwest chapter of the AHA. You may reach her via email at : [emailÿprotected]

Exercise Tips from Chicago Fit4Life

  • Siddiqu Muhammad offered great tips to keeping motivated with your exercise routine:

Treat yourself to a nice pair of running shoes or work out clothes so you will want to use them
Tell your family and friends. Involve as many people as possible to keep yourself accountable.
Find a workout buddy to help make working out a routine.

South Side Diabetes Project, Nutrition Tours

  • The South Side Diabetes Project offers many ways to learn more about eating health, including:
    1. Save-a-Lot Grocery Store Tours on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Saturdays of each month
    2. The 61st Street Farmer?s Market Tour each Saturday starting in May
  • If you are interested in registering to attend an event, or would like more information, please call us at 773-702-2939.